Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Work Is Never Done

We hosted the Donor Sneak Peek event at the Museum on Friday night. I think it was a great success...we had over 80 people in attendance, which is a lot for our limited space. On Saturday, we had the special presentation (two speakers) at the courthouse in the District Courtroom. That event was also a great success, with over 180 people attending. Big thanks to IKEA, who donated all the food and refreshments for both special events. Also, thanks to DiVine Wine who donated wine for the Friday night event.

For our part, there's still much to be done. We're registering for the upcoming TAM conference in Galveston (one of my favorite places). Finishing some last minute additions to the exhibit. Installing the new flat screen TV. And, of course, starting to plan for the next exhibit, which opens in March (quilts from our collection). We also are starting volunteer training tomorrow afternoon. And as I write this, Mickie is out giving her first presentation using the new Swedish Immigration Trunk, developed in conjunction with the exhibit. Yea!

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