Saturday, January 19, 2008

Focus, focus, focus

Right now, most of our attention is focused on the exhibit, which opens on January 25 with a donor sneak peek event. The official opening is on January 26 with an opening and special presentations at the courthouse. Construction and painting of the exhibit area is all but finished. Mickie and I went shopping for some more supplies and artifacts yesterday. Today, I'll probably buy a tool chest and wooden bench I spotted yesterday at an antique store. So, now I just have to finish writing labels (and print and mount them), choose the photographs to get enlarged, and order vinyl lettering. Most everything else, I can print in-house.

But, the Swedish Texans aren't really all that we've been focusing on...Celina (the super intern/volunteer!) is coming in today to install the small exhibits at the courthouse, and Mickie's got Hands-On History. The presenter (Jan F.) and volunteers (Hopewell Jr. Historians) will be here to help. Tuesday morning we're hosting our first Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast of the year. AND, on Wednesday, our new administrative assistant (Candace) starts.

It's going to be a next seven days!

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