Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Love Books

In my typical how-hard-can-it-be fashion, I decided that we (the Museum) should start a book club. It began with something very simple. One morning on the way to give walking tours of the downtown square to second graders, I passed a board member (Cheryl) on the sidewalk. She said, "The Museum should start a book club." My thinking was this 1) it's not in our budget, so there's no funds, and 2) that's just one more thing to add on to my ever-growing list of things to do. So, for a few months, that was it. Then, I got an email from the adult services librarian (Richard) at the Georgetown Public Library saying something like, "Hey, we should try to do some joint programming."

Ah-ha! Museum + Library= Book Club. I've never been to a book club, much less ever started one. So, we got our little planning group together (Linda, Cheryl, Mickie, Richard, and I). Last night was our very first meeting. We'd had good publicity in the local paper, and we'd put the event on our website. I was thinking that Mickie's goal of 40 to 50 people would turn out to be more like 10-15. Boy, I was surprised! We had a total of 39 people, with more interested who couldn't make the first meeting. The group is so big that we can't meet at the Museum; we'll have to meet at the Library from here on out. Woo-hoo! (For those interested, our first selection is Goodbye to a River by John Graves.)

On a more sad note, Jeanne has put in her resignation and her last day at the Museum is Thursday. We'll certainly miss her, and I know the volunteers will be very sad to see her leave.

Construction SHOULD start on the exhibit area was supposed to start last week...then today. Crazy weather has been holding us up. So, in preparation I've asked Celina to come back and help with exhibit planning and work. We've got to set up an exhibit at the courthouse, too. I think everyone's very, very excited about the upcoming Swedish Texans exhibit...I know that I've got a lot of work left to do before it all comes together!

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