Saturday, December 22, 2007


The staff has taken their holidays in staggered shifts to ensure that we all have our allotted time off for the Christmas holiday and that the Museum gallery is covered (and open). We'll do the same around the New Year's holiday. For me, that means that I'll be in the museum one day next week. I'm trying to get administrative things out of the way, since I'm sure next Thursday (my one day) will be overwhelmingly busy.

It's been busier than we thought today. People have been flocking to the newly-instituted courthouse tours. That's good news, since Mickie worked long and hard writing the docent training materials, holding training sessions, and recruiting new volunteers. She's been so successful that we're going to institute the first ever official docent/volunteer training program for the Museum. All new and veteran volunteers will have to complete the training. I'm excited; this is something we've needed to do for a long time. Plus, we need to give our volunteers all the training necessary for them to complete their tasks.

We've received bids for the construction necessary for the new Swedish Texans exhibit. The crew will start on January 2. So, between then and now (okay... on my one day next week) we'll need to move exhibit cases to the courthouse and install artifacts, move all extra exhibit cases and other stuff to our storage unit, and move all the furniture in Jeanne's area away from the walls so they can be built up and painted.

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