Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Cataloguers

In November, my intern (Celina) and I decided to train interested volunteers in the fine art of cataloguing. This is very important work. Most of our catalogued artifacts have descriptions such as "blue dress." That's not nearly enough information. What I like to tell my volunteers is this-- I need to be able to look at the cataloguing description for a specific artifact, go to a shelf full of that type of artifact, and from the description pick out exactly what I'm looking for.

So, we've started by cataloguing the huge Southwestern University/ Mood-Heritage Museum collection we've received over the past few years. Every Tuesday afternoon, my dedicated volunteers work to catalogue and number items in the collection. We've already catalogued over 50 artifacts in the past few weeks. I'm so proud! Yesterday, while Cindy and Ed worked away, I caught up with entering accession information for all of 2007 in PastPerfect.

In exhibit world, I'm swimming in Swedish Texans information...photographs, letters, books, articles, and artifacts. Everyday we receive more historical information and meet people whose family came to Texas from Sweden. Our Memorials for the exhibit have been hugely successful, and we've created a page on our website devoted exclusively for the donors. Everyone has been very pleased.

Jeanne's on vacation this week, so staff and volunteers are working together to make sure the front end is covered and all visitors feel welcomed. Mickie thinks she'll have her first official courthouse tour.

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