Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Safe and Sound

Today, we finally moved the old Belford Lumber Co. safe from its long-time home at the city dump into storage. It's not in the best of condition-- lots of rust damage. But, it's just beautiful. We're hoping to raise enough money to get the safe fully restored. It'd be great to be able to have an exhibit on Belford Lumber Co. in the future.

Here's where the safe sat-- for who knows how long-- under an open air shelter at the dump. (Actually, its location under this shelter was farther back and behind a big wood desk. Someone moved it to the front of the shelter before we came with the moving truck.)

Jim and Byron came by this morning to move it to storage for us.

Once it was on the truck, we moved it through Georgetown to the storage warehouse. Then, they unloaded it.

So, now the safe is in its new (temporary) home. We're so happy to have saved this great piece of history. And, many thanks go to Rachel at the city for making sure we got the safe.

...I wonder what's inside....That's our next step.

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