Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Quiet Day

Today has been one of those great days to catch up...organize files...return phone calls.

The painter came by this morning to finish painting the museum's front door. So, we had the front door open for about 4 hours. I know, I know...temperature and RH control! But, the paint had to dry, so I put a ladder in the open doorway with a big "closed" sign on it.

Now that the exterior paint is done, we can put the metal bars back over the windows. And, we'll get our new exterior sign and LIGHTS! I think the lights on the sign will help with attendance on First Fridays, especially. However, paired with the fact that Mickie's going to be planning activities with the themed Fridays, we may be getting more visitors anyway.

Our newest acquisition came in on Saturday. We picked up a Burroughs adding machine (Comptograph or Comptometer, I need to do more research) from First Texas Bank. Apparently, this machine is from the 1920s, maybe earlier, and was used in this building when it was a bank. We're planning on cleaning it and moving it into the bank vault as part of the exhibit on the history of this building (the Bank).

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