Thursday, July 1, 2010

Volunteer Spotlight: Janelle Litos

Janelle (on the left in this photograph) volunteering during Hand-On History.

How long have you been volunteering with the WM?
I have been volunteering with the WM for a little over a year.

What do you do for WM?
I volunteer as a greeter, I help with special events, and I help with Hands-On History.

How do you feel your work helps others?
I feel that my volunteering helps others in an educational way. By expressing my love for history and sharing it, especially with kids, I feel that I contribute to a positive educational experience.

What do you enjoy most about WM?
Along with the history, I enjoy the people the most. The workers, including the volunteers, are all friendly, and the visitors are often interesting and pleasant. I love when people come in with much enthusiasm, and I also love when they have their own stories to share about their ties to the county!

What's unique about WM?
I think one of the unique factors of the WM is that it offers so much to the public. There’s always something exciting going on. Also, of course, its promotion of Williamson Country culture is quite unique.

Personal information about yourself:
I am 16 years old and will be entering my senior year at Georgetown High School in the fall. I moved to Georgetown from Massachusetts when I was five with my family of six. I play the piano and guitar, and my interests include history, philosophy, current events, and people. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, reading, watching movies, and hanging out with friends and family.

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