Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mickie Ross Named Executive Director

After conducting a nationwide search to fill the vacancy in The Williamson Museum Director's position, Mike Martin, President of the Museum's Board of Directors, announced the appointment of Ms. Mickie Ross to replace former Director, Chris Dyer. Mr. Dyer served as Museum Director beginning in 2005 before relocating to another community this spring. Ms. Ross previously served the Museum as both a volunteer and board member before taking over the position of Educational Program Coordinator in 2007, in which capacity she has continued to serve until today. Ms. Ross' appointment as Executive Director becomes effective July 1, 2010.

Mr. Martin said that the board received applications from and considered 48 candidates from across the country, all with significant experience in and credentials for museum management. In the final analysis, he said the board was unanimous in its support for Mickie, citing her thorough knowledge of the Museum and the Williamson County community it serves. He also noted her vision for the future growth, development and expansion of the Museum and its programs as well as her deep commitment to the Museum and her obvious, demonstrable passion for it.

"Mickie Ross has distinguished herself during her tenure with The Williamson Museum", said Martin, “and the board of directors is excited about the direction in which she will lead us. The board, staff and members of the Museum have a large vision for the future in Williamson County, and we believe that Mickie Ross is just the leader we have been seeking for our organization.”

Mickie spent 21 years as a professional educator before joining the Fort Bend Museum in Richmond, Texas and then serving as the Adult Education Program Coordinator for the Texas State Historical Association. She has written and published Texas history teaching guides, served as a consultant for Texas history publications, and has presented workshops at state and national social studies conferences. "Mickie Ross brings a wealth of experience to the helm of the Museum", Martin noted.

Ms. Ross earned her BA in education from San Houston State University and resides in Georgetown with her husband, Dale, a CPA and a Georgetown City Councilman.

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