Saturday, May 29, 2010

Guest Post

Linda Turner has been a Museum volunteer since 2006.

I love volunteering at the Williamson Museum. It’s great fun to meet so many people from all over that come to the museum and it’s even better to meet the other volunteers - I have made some great new friends! It’s also such a pleasure to work with the museum staff - they are so creative and fun.

I have always loved history because it’s always been personal stories to me - never just events and dates in a book. I think in terms of the people in the events as my relatives, myself, my friends. I think what it must have been like for them while a loved one was away at war or seeing your new frontier home for the first time, seeing the new inventions and all the fashion changes, struggling through the awful times - laughing at the celebrations - being young and in love. One’s grandparents were, after all, young and in love long before you entered the picture!

I’ve learned so much - broadened my own experiences - Pioneer Day, Archaeology Day, cemetery tours, book club (great folks there), and trunk shows. History and working with it through the museum has given me good times, chances to meet good people with similar interests, and gives me the opportunity to make history more interesting to students in our schools.

There’s a place for you at the Museum - when you quit learning, you quit living. It’s almost impossible working in a museum to not learn something you didn’t know before - that’s why it’s so interesting.

Linda Turner

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