Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Goin' Green

A while back, we rounded up a bunch of our old vinyl banners-- some of the sesquicentennial celebration and those with our old name and logo. We sent them off to a company that makes tote bags and purses out of the banners that we can turn around and feature in the gift shop. They're AWESOME!

This is the "Randi Tote," and it sells for $29.00. It's made from one of the old sesquicentennial banners.

Made from our old logo banner, this is the "Tiara Tote," which costs $35.00.

Your yoga workout won't be complete without this yoga mat bag ($30.00).

This super-cute handbag features an image from the cattle drive; it's priced at $44.00.

And, seriously, my personal favorite: the messenger bag ($52.00). We only have one. I'll fight you for it!

1 comment:

Main Street Molly! said...

These are great! WE have some sesquicentennial banners hanging around Beeville and I'd love to do the same thing! Will you share the info for the company who creates them?
Molly Young