Saturday, September 20, 2008

Have you bought tickets, yet?

It's so close! We can feel Up the Chisholm Trail, now. While I'd like to say it's all Up the Chisholm Trail all the time, truth is we've got a museum to run, too.

So, Dana and I are working on collections. I've been working on designing panels for the traveling Swedish Texans exhibit. Mickie's giving a cub scout tour as I write.

But, really, for the most part we are all Chisholm Trail. Getting packets together, sending out sponsor information, gathering supplies, ordering the PA name it, we're getting it done.

That said...Have you purchased your Ranch Rodeo and Rick Trevino concert tickets, yet? They're a very reasonable $15 for adults and $5 for children. You can buy them now on our event website at, or you can buy them the day of the event-- September 27 at San Gabriel Park.

Either way, make sure you get yours before it's too late!

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