Thursday, March 13, 2008

I like pretty things.

And, really, who doesn't?

We're gearing up for our quilt exhibit. I chose six quilts from our collection-- ranging from 1871 to 1998. We've got a crazy quilt, a commemorative quilt, and some others...can you feel the anticipation?

Marcia Kaylakie, author of Texas Quilts and Quilters: A Lone Star Legacy, is going to give a special presentation on the care, conservation and documentation of quilts. She's also going to set up a table at the Museum after the presentation (held in the District Courtroom of the newly-renovated Courthouse) for signing copies of her book. The presentation and the opening of the exhibit are on March 22 @ 10:30 am.

The week after the opening, Mickie, Chris and I will be heading to Galveston for the Texas Assn. of Museums annual meeting. I love Galveston. Love. I love Guido's. I love the beach. I love the Mosquito Cafe (oh that watermelon gazpacho was to die for). That Mexican restaurant in the historic house...the Tremont...the oyster bar. Serious love going on here. I can't wait for Galveston.

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